Wednesday, August 1, 2007

File name completion in HP-UX

Since HP-UX using POSIX shell, the file name completion is different than Linux's.

To do a file name completion, simply press ESC and =
[ux]home/saya $ cd .s<ESC>=
1) .sh_history
2) .ssh/
[ux]home/saya $ cd .s

It will list down possible filename/directory available in the pwd. Note that a directory will have trailing char "/"

To find out which shell your using, simply type:
[ux]home/saya$ echo $SHELL

Pathname Shell
shBourne shell
cshC shell
tcshTC shell
kshKorn shell
bashBourne Again SHell

--- Update 22 August 2007
Boleh jugak wat camnih (ESC twice):
[ux]home/saya$ cat abc<ESC><ESC>
[ux]home/saya$ cat abcdef.txt
saya suka makan nasik

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Akram said...

bash pun bleh guna dedua cara ni