Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Well, basically I haven't started mine. Just got my new laptop on Monday and had been messing around this new gadget for 2 days already. But today is even better, I started to read, alot. So, don't expect any intelligent post(s) for today.

The new environment is, of course, different. But kinda like it here. Hopefully this gonna be my next long stop.

There's a lot of new things that I need to digest real quick and pray to God my brain won't explode. Those 'things' are most welcome by my brain, maybe because I'm new here, or maybe because of my willingness to accept that 'things'. I've been waiting for a very long time to learn that new 'things'!! Have you ever seen so damn many 'things' in one para? I know I did.

New friends, new workplace, new cubicle, new laptop, and (soon) new headache(s).


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Aminur said...

Hehe 8 months ago bila aku start fresh in a new company with new people aku try to adapt new version of me.
Aku try adapt to this new concept aku rasa its good if you can try it too.
Getting Things Done - GTD. Google it you can find more. Try make use of MS Outlook sebab jadi customer care engineer you'll receive tons of emails - learn to plan, delegate all your tasks. Everything yang boleh complete in 2 minutes must be done right away.
Later you can go back home concentrate on family. :)